It’s Not 5G. This Is What’s Really Cool About The New iPhones

Apple has just introduced its new iPhones. One month later than usual. And very briefly: No big news, no big features this time. But with MagSafe for iPhone there was at least one of these Apple moments in the keynote we all are waiting for— more below!

This is what’s new:

iPhone 12 mini & iPhone 12

  • 5.4“ and 6.1“
  • 5 new colors
  • Flat aluminum design
  • Super Retina XDR OLED (460ppi)
  • „Ceramic shield“ tough glass
  • A14 Bionic (5nm)
  • Updated Dual 12MP cameras
  • MagSafe
  • 5G

iPhone 12 mini: $699 (pre-order 11.16)

iPhone 12: $799 (pre-order 10.16)

Yes, the prices for these cheaper iPhones have increased. And no, there is no one big feature to justify that jump. But there are a lot of smaller ones like better cameras, better durability, MagSafe and finally OLED.

iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Pro Max


6.1” and 6.7” Super Retina XDR

  • A14 Bionic
  • Stainless steel flat design
  • 4 new colors — with gold beeing the biggest flex obviously ;)
  • MagSafe
  • New Triple cameras
  • Deep fusion on all 4 cameras
  • New ProRAW image processing pipeline + 10-bit HDR video recording
  • 5G

iPhone 12 Pro: $999 (pre-order 10.16)

iPhone 12 Pro Max: $1099 (pre-order 11.16)

It does not include the 120Hz display that many had hoped for. I can’t say it often enough: On the iPad for example, it’s nice, but seriously, the average person won’t even notice it. The reason Apple didn’t include it might be the scale: Maybe they can’t make it cheap enough in the needed quantity. Maybe next year.

For the sake of the environment — of course not to squeeze more profit out of the iPhone — there will be neither a charger nor EarPods in the box from this year on. There is only one cable from USB-C to Lightning. I can understand the step. Everyone has a charger plug that flies around at home. And I haven’t even unpacked the headphones in the last few years — I use AirPods like many others. And with the Lightning adapter they can’t be used on a laptop.

On the other hand…

I can understand anyone who is disappointed not to get these two things in the box — even though they paid up to 1399 dollars (iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB).

MagSafe — so cool!

The coolest feature of all, which was introduced on Tuesday evening, is MagSafe for the iPhone. The new models are equipped with magnets, which makes it very easy to attach cases and charging cables. It was the Apple moment of this virtual keynote. The world has never seen it like this before. This is new. I love it!


With MagSafe, for example, a credit card wallet can be quickly connected to the iPhone. Without changing the cases. The MagSafe charger can also be magnetically attached to the smartphone — similar to the Apple Watch. The cases — start price $49.00 — are relatively expensive. However, other manufacturers will flood the market with alternatives in the near future…

HomePod Mini


Much smaller

  • S5 chip for “Computational audio”
  • U1 Ultra wideband chip
  • $99

Amazingly affordable is the new HomePod Mini, which Apple introduced before the iPhones. The reviews will show good the sound of such small device really can be. I’m curios!

Bottom line: The new designs — which we already know from the iPhone 5 — are cool and look more modern than ever. The notch is still there, the cameras have been slightly improved. The new iPhones now have 5G, which — after all the cool smaller features — is the key feature this year. The mobile networks in most cities are not designed for it yet. But that will come relatively fast. In my opinion, the small iPhone 12 Mini, which is even smaller than the current iPhone SE, should become popular. Many customers wanted exactly that: A small iPhone in the new design without the home button.

Have a nice one!


BTW Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted his Event Playlist earlier this morning. Nice songs!

More screenshots — enjoy!

HomePod Mini — way smaller than the original one:


Make a big deal out fo 5G? Apple:


This is very cool. Finally, no more wallet needed — with this MagSafe Wallet.


Goes with and without case. There is also a charger. I love this!


How it works:


The iPhone 12 comes in 5 new colors:


All new iPhones come with 5G. This. Is. Fast!


Better camera in the iPhone 12 Pro:


And a Lidar Scanner:


Comes in four colors:


More infos:

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